Monday, August 22, 2016

Tutorial of ordering my fanbook outside Taiwan (PayPal)

This tutorial is for customers who can only pay through PayPal. If you have a credit card, please check another tutorial: Tutorial of ordering my fanbook outside Taiwan (credit card)

It is highly recommended using credit card as prior payment method if you're having trouble reading Chinese. Since Lazyyy for now is more of a English-friendly website. And you don't need to afford the fee charged by PayPal. However if PayPal is your only paying choice, then Seemoon will be the better shop for you.

Please notice that those artists create and publish merchandise by themselves. These shops are only consigned for helping artists selling merchandise. They are not responsible for merchandise publishing, quality and content.

Seemoon homepage 
Seemoon shopping platform 
Seemoon's official Q&A 
Contact Seemoon, if you're having any trouble shopping in their store 

If you're only interested in buying my merchandise, you can check this link:
OFF RECORD on Seemoon shopping platform
You can check the details of all my merchandise in my homepage:

If the merchandise is not shown in those two pages, it means it won't be replenished in shops again.

I've been told by the staff of Seemoon that they had already shipped my fanbooks to other countries. If my merchandise you're interested buying are not shown in Seemoon's shopping platform, you can leave your request in the comment section under this post. If the merchandise are still in stock, they will be replenished for selling as soon as possible (about 1-2 weeks).

1. Please apply for a membership account before making purchase. Click "我的帳號 (My account)" to log in.

2. Click "繼續 (Sign up)" to apply for a membership account, or " 登入 (Log in)" if you're already a member.

3. Fill correct information. Then click "繼續 (Continue)".

4. You have successfully applied for an account. Click "繼續 (Continue)" to see your account panel.

5. Click continue in step.4 will bring you to the account panel. It is recommended to re-check your address. It'll be your default delivering address. Click "檢視或編輯通訊錄 (Check or edit contact information)" to see your address, and it will bring you to this screen below:

6. Click "立即購買 (Buy it)" to add the merchandise into your cart. Or click thumbnail & merchandise name to see details.
Details page will be like this. You can also order this merchandise by click "放入購物車 (Add to cart)" under this page.

7. By click "購物車 (shopping cart)", you can check all merchandise in your cart. You can modify copies number in the box and click "更新 (Update)" to update the total price. Once you have added all merchandise you want, please click "結帳 (checkout).

If these red texts are shown below, it means this merchandise is about to be out of stock. Please reduce your ordering number or wait for the replenishment.

8. Choose the shipping method " 海外讀者專用 (Overseas shipping)". Then click "繼續 (Continue)".

9. Choose "海外訂購-PayPal付款 (Overseas order- paid by PayPal)". Then click "繼續 (Continue)".

10. Confirm your order information. Please notice shipment cost is not clear yet. You need to click "Make purchase (確認訂單)", and wait for Seemoon staff's reply.

P. S. Because this is just a tutorial that I can't actually make a purchase, I can only guess the staff will send you an email about the shipment cost. If you don't receive any shipment confirmation in 3 days, please contact the Seemoon staff.
P. S. S. If you succeed making a purchase paid through PayPal, you can notify me by leaving a comment under this post to help this tutorial to be more thorough. Thank you <3