Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tutorial of ordering my fanbook outside Taiwan

Even if you're not living in Taiwan, now you can still order my fanbooks & accessories online! In LAZYYY store!

Actually my books are already available for worldwide shipping through online stores such as LAZYYY and Seemoon, but these stores are founded in Taiwan and most pages are written in Traditional Chinese. I have been asked "how can I buy your books if I don't live in Asia?" for years, and mostly my answer is to write a request letter to service staff of the stores I consigned. Recently the staff of LAZYYY told me they're welcoming overseas orders. Now they accepted credit card as payment method. And most Q&A are written in Chinese/ English / Japanese now. LAZYYY store now seems almost English-friendly.

LAZYYY is a doujin shop and also an online shopping platform, same as most of my consigned shops listed in my website: Home-->Doujin Shop & Print Store-->#SHIPPING INFO#. If you're familiar with some famous Japanese doujin shops, like K-books or Toranoana(とらのあな), they are also the same kind of shops, mostly dedicating on selling fanbooks(doujinshi).

Please notice that those artists create and publish merchandise by themselves. These shops are only consigned for helping artists selling merchandise. They are not responsible for merchandise publishing, quality and content.

I made a small testing, pretending I'm incapable of reading Chinese and try to place an order. There are still some Chinese only pages which may confuse many customers. Overall, the process is easy and convenient. If you have a credit card, just apply for a LAZYYY membership account and you're ready to go.

LAZYYY shopping platform
LAZYYY official Q&A 

If you're only interested in buying my merchandise, you can check this link:
OFF RECORD on LAZYYY shopping platform
If the merchandise shows red texts "缺貨", it means the merchandise is sold out. It could be available again once it's been replenished.
You can check the details of all my merchandise in my website:

If the merchandise is not shown in those two pages, it means it won't be replenished in shops again.

If you can only pay through Paypal, Seemoon is the recommended platform. Please check another tutorial here: Tutorial of purchase my fanbooks outside Taiwan (PayPal)

Here's the translation of titles listed on the shopping platform:
社團瀏覽 = Browse artists
寄賣相關 = Consigned for sale
常見問題 = Q&A
會員登入 = Login
加入會員 = Sign Up
Top首頁 = Homepage
商業誌 = Commercial book  : Books published by publishing companies.
同人誌 = Fanbook = Doujinshi  : Self-published books.
小說 = Novel = Fanfics
Comic = Comic books
精品 = Accessory = Related merchandise

[How to apply for membership / 會員申請教學]
(Link to original tutorial)


 1. Please apply for a membership before making purchase.

2. Fill correct information. Avoid using email domain such as yahoo, pchome, kimo.

3. Go to your mailbox, open the notification letter, and click "這個確認連結 (Confirmed link)".

4. Click "這個確認連結 (Confirmed link)" to open your account.

5. If it brings you to your account page, you're successfully applied for the membership. You can start to purchase now.

6. Click "我的訂單 (My order history)" to check the status of all your orders.

[My account panel / 我的帳戶]
Here's the translation of my account panel. To enter this panel, you need to Login first.

Be sure to fill your bill address & delivering address. Bill will be sent to your bill address, and merchandise you order will be sent to delivering address.
Click "通訊錄 (Contact information)" on the left bar -> "更改帳單地址 (change bill address)" to fill your bill address.
Click "通訊錄 (Contact information)" on the left bar -> "更改運送地址 (change delivering address)" to fill your delivering address.

There's a problem that the names of  Country section are written in Traditional Chinese. You can check the country name list in both Chinese and English below:

[How to make purchase / 購物教學]
(Link to original tutorial)

 Step 1 /
Click Login

 Step 2 /
Enter your email and password. And click "登入(Login)."

 Step 3 /
Enter your purchasing amount under each merchandise page. Then click "加入購物車 (add to cart)"

 Step 4 /
This screen shows all the content of your basket so far.
You can click " 繼續購物 (continue shopping)" to add other merchandise.
If you've added all the merchandise you want, please fill the section of "估計價格與稅款 (calculate shipping)". Then click "估計價格 (calculate)".

 Step 5 /
Below shows the calculation of your shipment cost. Choose the delivery method you want.
Then click "更新總價 (Update)".

 Step 6 /
This screen shows the result of your total cost. Then click "進行付款 (Checkout)".

 Step 7 /
Choose your receiving address.
Default is your membership address. You can choose "運送至不同地址 (send to another address)" and enter a new receiving address.
Then click "繼續 (continue)".

 Step 8 /
Choose the delivery method you want. Then click "繼續 (continue)".

 Step 9 /
It brings you to the payment method page. Choose the method you want and click "繼續 (continue)".

 Step 10 /
Confirm your order again. If it's correct, click "下單 (make purchase)".

 Step 11 /
Your order is placed successfully.
The nine-digit code is your order's number. You can check it again later by enter "我的帳戶 (my account)" -> "我的訂單 (my order history)".